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Crystal Mountain Ice
Enjoy Pure Ice & Water that taste great with the Crystal Mountain Ice
The Crystal Mountain Ice was designed to be used with Bottled water (5 Gallon) or a Point-of-Use filtration or Reverse Osmosis system.
Safe, great tasting and convenient Ice for your business and fellow associates.

Touch Control Panel Handy Light Illuminates Faucets Hidden Bottle with Space
  High quality Ice frozen Solid completely through for better quality beverages    
  Cubed or Crushed Ice    
  Hot, and Ambient Water    
  Controllable hot water temperature    
  Patented design    
  5kg (11 Ib) of Ice Storage    
  8.18-9.09kg (18-20 Ib) of Ice Per Day    
  Touch Control Panel    
  Stainless Steel Hot water reservoir    
  Hot water faucet safety lock    
  Filter compartment – easily removable front access door    
  Auto LED Lighting    
  Illuminated dispense buttons    
  460(W)X511(D)X1489(H)mm (18 1/8 W X 20 1/8 D X 58 5/8 H )    
  No Drain Needed for Filtration or Bottled    
  19 Invention Patents    
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