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Alpine (POU Water Cooler)
Our original square design cooler, the Alpine, now has a convenient and affordable POU Conversion Kit so that the cooler can be modified quickly and easily from a bottled cooler to a Point-of-Use cooler and back again, if necessary. Using our time-tested, non-solenoid double float system, with handy re-set button and easy to clean components, this new POU lid and esthetic cover make our standard cooler more versatile and responsive to today's market needs.
Model: Alpine: Cook and Cold or Hot and Cold
POU cover
Touch Guard®
hot water faucet
Removable drip tray
  Available in Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold    
  Hot water tank dispenses thirty 6oz. cups per hou    
  Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to preventfading    
  Touch Guard® handle is standard on the Hot and Cold model    
  Dishwasher safe drip tray    
  Adjustable cold water thermostat    
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